Doggie Winter Warmth

Written by Ken Carman

Frozen days
Fast feet keep him warm
From daylight into the dark
Though he thinks it’s his bark
Little dog

Bark at the leaves
Bark at the wind
Bark just to hear the din
Oh, how he does rejoice
Just to hear
His own razor sharp little voice
Tho no one else does

Scared of thunder
Imaginary pain
One must question
How much sane
A bully in a little body has
When fearful of mere driving rain
Mixed with distant light lightning

Late night
Tiny dog
Curling up under the covers
As if they were his lovers
Between what he might imagine
To be his human father and mother

Safe at last
Sleeping with giants
Copyright 2010
Ken Carman
all rights reserved

Image courtesy Illustration by Nina Frenkel