More on Beaver River “Showdown”

Written by Alan Wechsler for Adirondack Explorer

I thought this would be a nice addition to my last edition of Inspection. Bear in mind it’s not quite accurate: especially when it comes to comments state officials have made. They have made remarks to us that are more foreboding than this, but I’m sure they want to put a “nice” face on for the public. Plus all their comments about how surprised they are? Horse hockey. They could have, and I’ll bet they did, see this increased usage. It’s been happening for years. A combination of a new Ranger, our own arguments in BRS (Calling in the Ranger or DEC because you’re pissed at someone else might just mean they’ll clamp down on whatever you’re doing too, right?) …and the State wanting more control overall. I think they simply see a convenient way to kill a town they think is inconvenient, that they themselves have referred to as, “Dodge City” because they have to go way out of their way to check on us.

If youre looking for the most isolated community in New York State, you might find it in Beaver River. The itsy-bitsy hamlet lies deep in the woods in the western Adirondacks, about twenty miles from the nearest community of any size. To get there, you drive up a dirt road until it ends at the western edge of Stillwater Reservoir and then take a boat or barge across open water.

“For generations, this has been the way most visitors and owners of 120 camps reached the community (in winter, it can be reached by snowmobile). But that access is threatened by a disagreement between the state and the Thompson family, which accounts for five of the nine year-round residents of Beaver River.”