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It’s a gentleman’s bet; and I don’t mean that in a sexist way. No money. Lose or win, here is what I’m asking you to do if you disagree with me. You write something about your own predictions; post it or put it in the comments here. I’ll save any comments and this column. You save any predictions you post. If you don’t post anything on site then I can be reached at After the election, in November you write something regarding how wrong, and how right, you felt either of us were: I’ll do the same.

Our bet is about what will happen…

The day after election day: November, 2010.

I predict the Left, Barack and Obama will lose big: close to as big or bigger than 1994.

There has been a lot of nonsense, in my opinion, published on this. Many claim there’s no Newt like leader, or movement like there was in 1994: a movement that will then cha cha cha its way post election into office after winning. But I don’t think they need that to win, all they need is the all too predictable “us.” So this isn’t about them, and it never has been: not even in 1994.

I don’t think the all too brief and occasional appearances of Barack as he counters talking points will have much impact: if any. It’s like one drip from an eyedropper swimming in a sludge like sea of corrosive acid being put out by the Right.

We will lose it all on our own: easily; as if we wanted to. And seeing how Barack and the DLC are handling themselves the cynic in me says, “Intentional? Possibly.” We will lose mostly because the one lesson the George W. administration had to teach those who could lead us unto victory in 2010 is a lesson they refuse to learn. Something W’s handlers understood all too well. You cannot win elections by being Republican light these days. You will not win them by being more bipartisan, more compromising, more cooperative. You can’t even win elections by bantering somewhat effectively with talking point spewing pols: unless you do it daily; every day, until election time on all networks, including FOX.

Being more compromising and less confrontational these days only pisses away your base. I’m not claiming I like that observation, by any means. But by now it should be obvious 99% of the Right will never vote our way on anything.

Leaders on the right understand this more than those on the left. Why do they understand it so well? Because they are the authors of this new dynamic, that’s why. Purging themselves of moderates has made them stronger, not weaker. Not because the public agrees, but because they are willing to do and say anything to win: no matter how much of a lie it is; no matter how corrupt or how criminal. And most of all, because they are so focused on the task of winning. They and their sycophant media shills are focused on doing everything to frame our every facial tick, uttered word, or breath we take, in the most horrible way possible or even absurdly impossible. Doesn’t matter if “death panels,” for example, is a lie. If they can convince enough people who will eagerly go out and vote: they win.

This is how they win election for them., mostly because our side insists on responding in erratic, haphazard and ineffective ways. And are because our side selects both leaders and tactics that are the least offensive: blase’, soggy toast, all the backbone of the product in a Bill Cosby commercial during the 70s.

When will we get the message: no one wants to listen to or vote for J E L L O.

Now if you think the public is going to be so tired of the intransigent nature of the Right you would be right that they will lose, if Dem leaders would use any of this as a club to beat them over and over in a very public and obvious way. But they won’t, they can’t: it’s not in their nature. Oh, Barack could go around saying, “We can’t get things accomplished because Republicans are lying about this…” but as I type this Barack is talking over the POTUS stream my Sirius radio about getting together with Republicans and listening to their ideas and then moving forward. The first might happen. The second will surely happen. But the third? The third won’t happen even after Hell freezes over, and you can be damn sure… even if it does… far too many on the Right will do their best to make sure we’re so frozen in the ice that they can skate over our exposed genitals.

And they will too.


One more prediction. Once they do win big I bet Barack and others will use this to say we have to move further towards them and those same “them” will boast and claim “this wouldn’t have happened if he had talked with us/worked with us/been more of a centrist/less extreme.” Then they will move even further right. One can be sure the goal post is always moved away from us, and the game will always be one of keep away. Always.

You know this “it takes 60 votes” nonsense? Gone. When Republicans are “in power” it will take 40 or more votes to have a “majority.” This is the new math; and has been for a while. And the MSM, and the Blue Dogs, and the DINOs, are absolutely on-board with it. If I didn’t know better I would suggest Lieberman and company might be Republicans in sheep’s clothing. Actually: I do “know better.” That’s what they are. And most Democrats in power would rather bend over and get rammed than confront them: actually do something about it. Yes, Barack, I am including you to a certain extent. To paraphrase Abe, “If your not going to use your presidency, may those with the balls to do so have it?”

Joe Lieberman alone should have so many feet up his ass he pleads for single payer health care so he can get a foot-ectomy. “But Ken, he already has health care!”

If Dem leaders really were “leaders” they would have as their first unrelenting goal stripping all health care from Congressmen. None. Zilcho. They get tossed into this shark infested pool with everyone else and treated, by law, like everyone else.

As an aside, it must be asked at this time… how much success has this president had when he does get involved, like in Mass.? Uh… not a hell of a lot. Until his last years in office George W. did far, far better.

I am amazed at how some on the Left keep predicting positive outcomes, overall.

Have you ever seen Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind? To me it’s almost like that device really does exist. We can wipe the memories of ex-lovers so they keep coming back without learning what they need to learn. We can also wipe the memories of the general public. We keep believing the same asinine claims; beating our heads against the same walls.

This is the way this has been headed for 20 years and it’s getting worse. And if we keep going this way we will be a one party country with Democrats in office…briefly. And only long enough to keep the country moving further to the right as those who dare to call themselves Democrats move towards them in perpetual attempts to “make nice.” Oh, and Dems may ascend occasionally; if only to pay off a bit of the borrow and spend policies that help keep Republican Santa in power.

Grover Norquist must be in heaven. I know: he’s not dead, except his soul and any ounce of morality he may have ever had… if he ever did.

I’m guessing by now you know I think it’s a damn good bet that the same pattern will most likely be repeated in 2012. Can’t you just wait?

So those are my predictions. If you have a more positive take, are you willing to pony up to the counter and place your bet on the counter? Anyone willing to take me up on my offer? Anyone???


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

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