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“Our next President: 2013?”

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Last week’s column has solidified into a flood of Politico Breaking News updates slamming my mailbox. Does God read Inspection? Probably not, but I think my own premise of the Dems losing big in November has a lot more gravitas now. Everyone knows about the proverbial rats leaving a sinking ship. Frankly, in this case, I think the comparison is a little backwards. I think Democratic pols know the rats are about to storm the ship and retake control… they’re just getting the hell out of the way. All those prosecutors Bush installed and judges are eager to help the rats as much as possible: willing to find anything they can threaten Dem pols with.

It reminds me of a voice my wife and I heard when we went parking back in the Flintstone days, when we were young and dating. Dead end road; and abandoned Victorian in the distance. The motor was probably still warm, and we weren’t even starting to get hot, when we both heard a voice say…

“Get out! Get out. Get out!!!

We listened. And I think our politicians are listening too, only these aren’t “ghosts.” They’re the same demons that brought us to where we were when Barack Obama ran for the presidency.

Who’s abandoning ships to the rats? Well, every day I have received two or more “Breaking News” reports, and they look just like this…

“Representative William Delahunt (D-Mass.) will not seek reelection, the Boston Globe is reporting.”

Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) plans to resign his House seat on Monday.

All Democrats. Not a single stinking Republican in the lot. I think they see a huge wave coming. I can’t say I’m unhappy each and everyone is leaving: there are some big losers in the bunch. The problem is I don’t see a lot of great viable replacements, and I do see the Right rallying.

A lot of comments and toons I’ve read from the Left contain a delusion, of sorts. While we see the absolute absurdity and hypocrisy of some Republicans, these sources seem to think the general public sees it too. I think less of the public sees it than we think and what support we have is shallow, fleeting. There’s a reason they are abandoning ship and I think many may see the filth that keeps being written on the wall over and over again: talking points like “ram,” and “jam,” or lies about how many Americans are against reforming health care, and I bet they know the public has trouble distinguishing between talking points that are called news and actual news. And I think the public is too easily lulled into believing lies when these same rats, and their media enablers, use lies in the form of talking points over and over again… no matter how many times they are called on it. I also think they see, when it comes to commanding the ship of State, our commander is too easily influenced by a desire to reach out, compromise and get everyone on board to actually help much election time. For example: the sudden “180 degrees hard to port” waffle back to military tribunals. I sincerely think Barack believes such waffles will win elections: be as popular as the Belgian waffles at the NY World’s Fair. Instead I think it will either make crucial voters want to stay home and throw up, or vote for anyone rather than a Democrat. Despite all the hesitation I’ve offered, I do think the public knows one thing about that issue. They know that if Barack were a true leader worth respect at this point: military tribunals shouldn’t even be up for discussion at this point.

Would you trust a commander who would do that and abandon all who supported him before and the more moral stand? I wouldn’t: especially if he does it over and over again: not even include single payer, going from public option to no public option, agreeing to extend the Patriot Act, allowing the criminal enterprises Blackwater and KBR/Hallibuton to feed off public coffers.. All that having been typed I still plan on voting for him in 2012: I guarantee; the Republicans will put up far, far worse and apparently we will never do anything like run off voting to enable other parties. We are stuck between bad and horrible.

So, yes, I pretty much guarantee I will vote for him, unless some teabagger shoots him first. But I may be one of the few, and the reluctant.

If I’m right about why they are leaving I can hardly blame them. Last time this happened a legitimately elected president was faced with a mob that would say and do anything to bring him down…

Vince Foster was murdered by Hillary.
The mail to Socks the Cat was supposedly being used for nefarious purposes.
A failed land deal was corruption of the highest order.
If you don’t agree to testify to anything they dreamed of throwing at the president you wind up in a cell with women who murdered their children: a good way to find yourself dead.
If your wife isn’t cooperative you might die: medication held back until she cooperates.

Ask Susan McDougal what happened to Jim: Ken Starr deserves the harshest application of Rico possible, as do many Republicans from those days.

Despite all these racketeer activities, this evil cabal of thugs, perverts and sex maniacs in their own right finally had to resort to a lie: “there is no relationship” means he was saying “there never was,” to get what they wanted: impeachment.

Post this November?

I expect worse than 1994.

They’ve grown so much more powerful than they were. Our leaders have gotten worse.

And has anyone else noticed that the absolute nonsense about “ramming,” or “slamming,” or “shoving” health care down anyone’s throat is ignored or treated as if it’s the truth by much of the media?

Yet, despite all this, I really wasn’t prepared for the flood of “I won’t run again(s)” and “I will step down(s)” that slammed my box. Maybe I hadn’t thought through what was about to happen, so I clicked on a few at first and gently mused, “If it gets worse the November will be a slam.” I think Politico and other sources of breaking news were listening. It definitely got worse. The more I clicked, day after day, the more nauseous I felt.

We have time. Barack Obama alone might be able to limit this Tsunami. He won’t. Oh, many will claim he did by moving more to the right and being more accommodating, more compromising. But that’s not “limiting.” That’s enabling.

There are those who claim the Right is growing more marginalized and weaker. I don’t buy that totally, but let’s say it’s true. Doesn’t matter. Not one bit. When one side can rally troops with lies enabled by the media and enabled by a president who would rather compromise and abandon away his base, that is a formula for failure. Politicians have to inspire those who might vote their way to vote their way, not make endless changes and appeals to those who wouldn’t vote their way if all life on planet Earth depended upon it. No, not even if Jesus did come back and ask for them to support Barack. Indeed cries for Jesus to be treated like a terrorist would be plentiful amongst this band of pure, evil, deluded scum who have far more in common with Osama than Jesus.

These days I ponder upon a movie scene from Deep Impact where Jenny Lerner, a reporter, discovers we’re about to have an extinction level event. When the end is near she joins her estranged father on a beach to watch a supersonic megatsunami hundreds of feet high come in; spending her last moments with him. I am also reminded of On the Beach, where the hero leaves the sub he commands to spend the last days with a lady he had fallen for before radiation exterminates all life.

In both movies they saw it coming and either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop it. Unfortunately I believe this is a case of “wouldn’t.”

When I think of those scenes from On the Beach and Deep Impact, I’m reminded those who are pushing so hard for a return to 8 years of insanity: many who are fundamentalists of the worst kind; hoping that we are really in the “last days.” They are like those who prayed to the bomb from Beneath the Planet of the Apes. These were the same kind of people who considered God wanted them to do anything to destroy Bill Clinton. They publicly pray that God strike down those who dare to disagree with them. The same kind of people who have defended the murder of Doctor Tiller, and flying into IRS buildings. The same people who long to invade Iran and will probably never be satisfied until we go to war with, torture, or toss in some bottomless, no due process, pit anyone who dares to disagree with them. The same kind of people empowered by the second Bush presidency when, as one of their first acts, the administration spoke to Armageddonists to tell them they would do nothing to prevent the final days from happening. I think of them: and I imagine the political supersonic megatsunami they fantasize about in November.

And I get the shivers all over.


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

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Mike B
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