Pigs in Hell

Herd About It?

by Ana Grarian

I was doing a Google search for a book I wanted to read and this image came up as a result. Who the hell would treat pigs like this? Pigs are wonderful social animals. They like to nuzzle and cuddle with each other. When raised traditionally they have a relationship with their caretakers. This is sick and disgusting! Please don’t eat anymore pork unless it is from a source that you can verify as humane. If you’d like to help in a peaceful, civil disobedience campaign, print this picture and leave it behind at grocery stores. Ooops, Ana Can’t tell you that, it might be against Veggie Libel laws. Write to the commercial companies that supply the stores and tell them you don’t want pork from this kind of facility. Ask your senators, representatives and state officials to ban this kind of abusive industrial ag.

Thank you to Sara Novak for the fine article at the link below,


and to Seven Trees for a photo that brings home what factory farming really means.