The News Pauper: Browning Indeed

By W.B. Dunne

Attention Scott Brown:

What the fuck does this sign mean, imply, state, intend, or demonstrate?

Personally, the News Pauper finds the pistol part of this expression of someones loss of mind infinitely more offensive than the Obama with a Hitler mustache exiting an asss ass. I wish this shot included the idiot toting itbut Ill have a wild guess: Middle-aged white guy, under-informed voter, Fox watcher.

I wonder if Scott Brown endorses this use of his name in the implication that a firearm might allay the brown shirt’s discomfort with progress being made.

If this is the face that we are to associate the movement with, Ill keep the change. I will go on the record here that this is a call to violence. Too bad there arent enough NUTBALLS with the cobblestones to DO something like this sign seems so hopefully to encourage.

It is with such glee that the NP examines the demise of the conservative/evangelicals.

There is a Ronald Reagan promo out there on NBC that I saw this afternoon. It can only be a teaser for some campaign were about to endure in this upcoming election cycleequating the current raggedy urchins with the great St. Ronnie.

Such catastrophic justice only bolsters the NPs view of the past forty years being a part of the growing pains of democracy. The great experiment only works if you allow each successive ideology to roll through absurdity, crash through logic, and plummet into oblivion.

Hail to the chickenhawks, giving us all a great show while grinding the scraps of their philosophy into dust.

Browning indeed

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