Two Portraits of One Very Hard Break Up

Two Portraits of One Very Hard Break Up

Written by Ken Carman


We clung together
In the blackness of the mourning
So dark
It seemed night
Even though outside
The sun shined bright
I pleaded, “Please go with me”
She begged me to stay
We kissed one final moment
Knowing we would end
Either way

Her Story

Mere minutes ago
We were making love
In the file room
Before everything
Fell apart
Last time I saw him
Over 100 stories high
By the window
He waved
Said goodbye
With a sigh
And he was gone
I am so alone
I am so alone
I am afraid

His Story

Point your camera now
Click the shutter just right
You will catch the moment
My freedom flight
Because of smoke
And fire
I begged her to try
Together we would plummet
Together we would fly
Now hear the cool wind
Gather round me
A symphony of sound
Rush to meet my savior
Soon I kiss the ground
Free at last
Free at last
Free at…
© Copyright 2010
Ken Carman
all rights reserved