Drums along the Fingerlakes


Ana Grarian

After a recent church service in Louisville KY an impromptu drum circle began its magic. Sitting, watching and listening I began to think of my rural community, and looking over the valley from my hill to the hills beyond.

Rural communities are often considered to be lonely, and being able to see the lights of a farm in the distance can be reassuring.

Then I thought of how it must have been long ago when the native Americans might have played their drums and how the sound would have echoed along the valleys and hills. This led me to think of the scene in 1001 Dalmations, when the dogs pass the word of missing puppies. The sound of dogs passing the peace is a common summer’s night sound.

I wonder how it would be if today, instead of sitting in front of glowing screens, we sat out under the stars, and drummed to one another?