Why Patrons Go Postal


by Ana Grarian

This post has nothing in particular to do with agriculture though I was shopping in a farm supply store. I’m having some problems starting my car. I’m not sure if it’s the battery or the alternator. So, before spending beaucoup bucks on either one, I decided to buy a jump charger.

sorta like this

I’ve had one before.

It’s a handy device that has a small battery that can be used to jump-start your car if you do something dumb like leave the headlights on, or your battery is a little weak. I’ve used it to help other folks too. Some of them even jump-start the car through the cigarette lighter so you don’t have to hassle with the jumper cables. That’s really nice now that auto maker’s hide your battery posts in weird places.

I found one at a good price and went home to charge it. Yeah it has to be charged up when you first buy it and after you’ve used it several times. I read the instructions to see how long that would take. Up to 72 hours. OK. I’m lucky, I don’t NEED my car on a daily basis.

Hmmmm. Says here I need a heavy-duty extension cord. Why? I’m right next to the wall plug. Ohhhhh! Because the cord is not included! And the plug is INDENTED INTO THE CASE! So even if I could magically line the thing up I can’t plug it, into the wall.


It also can be charged while driving by the use of a male to male plug for the cigarette lighter. It doesn’t come with one of those either.

I don’t own a heavy-duty extension cord.

I don’t own a light duty extension cord.

Now of course this is not the fault of the store. They didn’t design or package the thing. There are no markings on the outside of the package to say I need these things.

Later on when my neighbor gets home I’m gonna have her help me push start the car.

Thank goodness it’s a standard.