Labor Day……An American Fraud

Remember Labor Day? The factories would all close. Huge picnics would break out and the last days at the beach would be celebrated, and schools would start the day after.

NOW, we’re a service industry driven economy. Restaurants and stores are all open. Schools have all ready started in August killing hopes of any late summer plans. Everyone is working to serve the public to squeeze that last dollar out of their pockets, ’cause it’s winter clothing sales at the retail stores now “Gotta get that snow suit and Halloween Decorations before they run out”.

And our dear leader, Ossama, is going to magically pull jobs out of his ass, of course he’ll take credit for the holiday hiring jump, but that’s just more service jobs.
When are you going to get it through your thick, Black skull that if you don’t stop the out sourcing and nullify NAFTA, all we are going to be are the worlds Butlers and Chauffeurs in the next 5 years. Not to mention that everyone, except the residents in the gulf, are ignoring the fact that the BP well is still leaking more each day.
The Republicans don’t want Ron Paul. Maybe the Democrats should draft him.
But, on the other hand, unless term limits are enacted, they’re as big a bunch of assholes as their tea totaling elephant brethren.