Re: Herman Did Whaaa ??

I’m going  to have to step out and disagree with Ken on this one. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman. Here’s yet another man in power, who got away with whatever it was, by handing out a bribe that to him (or his backers) was petty cash, but to the women at least meant they could get out of the situation. Then of course there is the non-disclosure agreements, so they could never speak of it again. Which meant that other women, either in that organization, or another, are left feeling that they are alone, or have no recourse.

Our friend Ana has written about the problems of non-disclosure clauses to society in environmental cases. Paying a few $$$$ to limit a persons (and their families) freedom of speech allows bad practices to continue, and allows the perpetrators to continue to deny there are problems.

I’m sorry, but I worked in a “men’s club” for several decades, and it’s no fun. It was worse before we had successful legal action against harassment and the development of standards and policies, but believe me it’s still no picnic.

My biggest beef with Cain is that he’s more worried about who outed him, than he is about being truly regretful of his bad behavior. No Mr. Cain – your rhetoric should not be “poor me, someone’s running a smear campaign”. The fact that you lied and tried to deny these allegations tells me you are not an honest, respectable man.

The difference with Clinton and some of the other men (why is it always men?) who have crashed and burned, is that this is unwanted sexual advances. Monica never claimed harassment. Nor did whoever Wiener sent his wiener pictures too. Disreputable behavior – definitely. However, they were already in office, and the price of the brouhaha and the cost of replacing them was more than the country needed.

If this kind of behavior was not accepted by men, and tolerated by women, perhaps we could get past it. I personally really regret the loss of Eliot Spitzer, and I would not be surprised if his downfall was helped along by some of the Wall St people he was exposing, but still he followed his nether parts into trouble. Which caused a lot of hurt and anxiety for himself, NYS and more than I think most men can imagine for his wife and family.