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Chili and Apples

How do you like them apples!

It’s a chili day in CNY. Yes, I know that should read chilly, but it’s a good day for chili and for apples. As a matter of fact it is Apple Fest in Ithaca today and local chili competitions aren’t far behind.

Just look at those jelly jars. Gorgeous fall colors and the contents are sure to warm your soul and any PBJ you might make with them. Also good with turkey sandwiches. Read more

Back to Normal

golden in hunting plaid

If the Beagles had a coat like this……It would take another 15 minutes to get them ready for their walk!

After a brutal cold weekend in which I was stunned to see that actual temperatures had reached 20+ below zero, it was quite a relief to get up this morning to a balmy zero with little just a breeze.The toughest part of the past few days has been getting ready to go out.
2 pairs of pants, good socks, boots, turtleneck, sweater, sweatshirt, vest, heavy sweatshirt, hat, scarf, by now I am sweating……then get the dogs harness vests on and leashes….. tie the scarf, pull on heavy gloves….try to force my hands through the leash handles… and out the door we go!


For 5 minutes because the dogs aren’t stupid and their paws get cold. Read more

Beagle’s Night Out

FB_IMG_1449494317660Friday started out as nothing unusual. I had the morning to get housework done, then a few hours at the office before picking my grandson up from sports, and a quick stop at the grocery store. He helped to bring in the groceries while I got ready to take the dogs for their evening constitutional. Lulled into a false sense of security, or perhaps just tired, I stopped to pet the cat while putting on my leash belt. (it leaves me with one hand free, gives more leverage to a fellow who can pull like an ox, and saves my shoulder muscles) Anyway. While I was distracted our free range bunny hopped out into view, the dogs nosed open the gate, and the chase was on! Read more

Almost December

TurkeyNov2015Thanksgiving is over. All the turkey and trimmings have been consumed. The good dishes and silver are washed and put away. The cake stand sits forlornly empty next to the sink, waiting to be washed. All the excitement for a relaxing four day weekend is gone, and so are the lovely 60+ degree days we’ve enjoyed all week.

The beagles and I went out into a still, frosty, moonlit 20 degree morning. Read more

Beagles in the Headlamp

Tree SilhouetteThe combination of Indian Summer and the time change has made early morning walkies quite pleasant this week. The temperature has been in the 60’s and the light is just barely breaking at 530. Actual dawn is still a ways off.
We take a short cut through the woods, down the trail a hundred feet or so, left at the old plow, through the gully to emerge into the neighbors meadow. Now the head-lamp is not really needed. We’ve walked this way a lot. There is a wide swath cut through the tall grasses here, and at the top of the hill a quick cut through the tall weeds puts us into a well mown field. Black silhouettes of tall trees define the edges Read more

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