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Corp Ag PR Training

Herd About It?

by Ana Grarian

Farmer’s have a special place in our collective consciousness. We envision a taciturn but sweet fellow in overalls and boots standing in a pasture beside a well kept barn, holding a beautiful baby calf while his rosy cheeked children frolic about. He might be posed alongside a slightly worn classic tractor with his future farmer teenager at his side. Maybe the wife is there too with a picnic basket of wholesome homemade lunch items and a glass of fresh cold milk. Read more

Anti Fracking Rally Albany NY 1-25-2010

Anna was fortunate enough to attend this rally in Albany and to attend lobbying sessions with three legislators including two from CNY. Much more work remains to be done. Click on link below for video courtesy of Essential Dissent.

Inspection- An Abusive Relationship

President Obama gave a great speech, according to many reports. I don’t know. I didn’t bother tuning in. I already know he gives good speeches. But no matter how good the speech results are what really matters; and “results” rely mostly upon how we really react when faced with the inevitable opposition after the speech.

Once that meant they just disagreed with us… or not. It meant a few would vote with us… most would vote the other way. Now it’s become a name calling contest, mostly from extremists on the other side of the aisle. A race to find the most inaccurate, most offensive, way to portray our efforts, our President and what we have proposed.

We wince.

We put up with it.

We claim we want to “move forward.”

If we believe in change, are we going to continue to put up with the same old patterns enough to actually “move forward?” Guess not. Already Libs are twisting their panties over the fact that Republicans are headed the opposite direction: being even more uncooperative.

Doing something about it? Eh, not so much.
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