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Japan – the Canary in the Uranium Mine?


by Ana Grarian

If we can get honest news about the long term effects of the tsunami/earthquake in Japan, we will have extensive information about the ecological impacts of modern human society. The coverage of the nuclear crisis is very good on programs like Rachel Maddow, but we have not heard about the other major pollutants unleashed by the earthquake and tsunami.

Can you imagine for a moment the stew of contaminants released into the environment from this disaster?

No, I really can’t imagine it either.
From human sewage to petrochemicals and garbage, all mannner of materials used by humans, have been washed into the sea, the rivers, soaked into the soil and released into the air.

We won’t get the truth. For the same socio-economic reasons as any other country, these reports will be hidden, whitewashed, buried and burned. This is not about slandering Japan, the other countries of the world don’t want their citizens to see them either. The short and long-term health effects may be duly reported, but then they will be filed away, out of sight and out of mind. Too much is at stake. If we learn the truth, too many folks will want those dangers to be addressed in their own countries. And they will recognize that we already have those problems on a regional scale due to inadequate production and storage practices. Read more

Big Ag, Corrupt Gov’t, and Africa


by Ana Grarian

This is from a letter I received from a fellow member of a group that tries to help poor women around the world. This member has a Master’s in Social Work, a PhD,  and knows more than a little about how social change is corrupted from its presumed purpose through her work in an NGO that she founded to combat hunger in the US.


Many of us are involved in efforts to help our brothers
and sisters who are facing unmet life-threatening issues in their daily
lives.  We are trying to help with health care, education, home
building, jobs, safe water, money…and more, to improve the quality of
their lives!
Yet, at the same time, hunger, dispossession, and loss of villages is
destroying millions of lives through a movement called ‘Land grab’ of
the most fertile lands by African leaders who sell or lease millions of
acres to agribusiness corporations, foreign hedge funds, and others with
money and sociopathic minds and behavior.
India, China, Saudi Arabia, Europeans and Americans are taking control
of the most fertile African lands with the blessings and invitation of
corrupt national and local leaders who pocket the money.  Investors are
likely to earn 40% on investments in land grabs.  Local tribes who have
no legal leases but have lived and farmed the land for hundreds of years
are dispossessed of everything they thought was theirs – farms, land,
jobs, possessions, homes, cultivated land, water.  They face a future of
homelessness, unemployment, loss of culture, community, support networks
built over hundred of years, greater hunger and starvation.
Why?  The rich countries, particularly China, Arab countries, and India,
are facing greater wealth with the demand for more food, fertile land
and sources of water.
American Hedge funds and other investors are seeking the highest
profits.  The future foretells that countries who need sufficient food
supplies and water must  go outside their country to seek fertile cheap
land, water and cheap labor to grow meat, grains, produce, flowers and
so on. All this will be flown overnight, and be available for purchase
to the countries who own the land. It will not be available to the
countries and their populations in which this “new gold” is grown.
Africa is the “perfect answer” to their dream of sufficient food to feed
their growing populations while, once again, recolonizing, re-enslaving,
and legally stealing the most fertile, productive lands of African
countries with the willing guidance of each country’s leaders, the world
bank and USAID.

The leaders of most African countries promise their citizens that

“development of infrastructure, roads, dams, unsustainable farming,
supermarkets and malls is good for the country and its citizens.  That
more money and wealth will be available to modernize cities, Read more

The Tattlesnake — Wordy-Gurdy Name Quiz

Just for fun, grab a pencil and paper and try to find the three-word name combinations of prominent people in politics, history and the arts from each clue.


Clue: Hit the road, Congressman

Name: Ray Charles Rangel

1. Clue: Piano Man Sun-Tanned

2. Clue: Shrugged the Aqua Buddha Senator

3. Clue: Blond-Haired De-Angler

4. Clue: Offbeat Comedian Astroturfer

5. Clue: Code Pink Prime Israeli

6. Clue: Disaster Progressive News Anchor

7. Clue: Chess Records’ Okie Senator At Last

8. Clue: Enthusiasm Curbed Tea Party Billionaire

9. Clue: Oscar General Badger Governor

10. Clue: Traitor for Gold and Golden Bear Musclehead

Answers below

Read more

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