Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Just for fun, grab a pencil and paper and try to find the three-word name combinations of prominent people in politics, history and the arts from each clue.


Clue: Hit the road, Congressman

Name: Ray Charles Rangel

1. Clue: Piano Man Sun-Tanned

2. Clue: Shrugged the Aqua Buddha Senator

3. Clue: Blond-Haired De-Angler

4. Clue: Offbeat Comedian Astroturfer

5. Clue: Code Pink Prime Israeli

6. Clue: Disaster Progressive News Anchor

7. Clue: Chess Records’ Okie Senator At Last

8. Clue: Enthusiasm Curbed Tea Party Billionaire

9. Clue: Oscar General Badger Governor

10. Clue: Traitor for Gold and Golden Bear Musclehead

Answers below

1. Name: Elton John Boehner

2. Name: Ayn Rand Paul

3. Name: Deborah Harry Reid

4. Name: Andy Dick Armey

5. Name: Medea Benjamin Netanyahu

6. Name: Naomi Wolf Blitzer

7. Name: Etta James Inhofe

8. Name: Larry David Koch

9. Name: George C. Scott Walker

10. Name: Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger

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