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Now there seems to be some question about Donald Trump’s birthplace. (That those questions were apparently invented out of thin air, possibly for humorous reasons, is of no consequence.) As we know from the example of the right-wring media, any question involving your place of birth must be answered by a slew of legal documents which they will then reject as forgeries and demand more, just as Trump, to goose up his pathetic TV show’s ratings with a presidential bid, is demanding that Obama release his ‘long form’ birth certificate since the short form, adequate for obtaining a US passport or entering the military, just isn’t enough for the blubbery mass of ham and ego some call “The Donald.”

Consider this: Not one person at the Jamaica, New York, hospital where Trump claims to have been born remembers his birth, as far as I care to find out. Aside from that, Trump’s alleged ‘real’ birth certificate doesn’t specify it is a hospital in Jamaica ‘New York’ — it simply says “The Jamaica Hospital.” What is Trump trying to pull here, MON? Was he born in the islands and smuggled into dis country?

And where are the contemporaneous 1946 newspaper birth announcements for the baby Donald? Obama has provided two; Trump has provided zero. And look closely at the signatures of the hospital administrator and attending physician — are we to believe Walt Disney was running Jamaica Hospital in 1946 and a ‘Dr. John E. Conqueroo M.D.’ delivered Donald Trump?

Below, Dr. Kevin Rooney, a birth certificate expert and well-respected forensic doctor simply because I want him to be one, makes a compelling argument that Trump was born in South Africa and didn’t enter the United States until he was 15. (Just ask yourself: do you know of anyone who saw Trump in this country as a child?)

Some malcontents may argue that Dr. Rooney’s South Africa theory is short on facts, but, IMO, what it lacks in factual content it more than makes up for in bold, risible audacity. Besides, how can you argue with a copy of Trump’s real South African birth certificate? Who could possibly have the expertise and desire to forge something like that?

Donald Trump’s Real Birth Certificate Reveals He Is a Foreigner

by Kevin Rooney

Trump was born in South Africa. His father was there on business (buying diamonds) and conceived Trump with a woman he met there. You can see her Dutch genes in Trump, the light reddish hair and very fair skin is Low Country Dutch. Donald Trump was raised in Cape Town according to strict Dutch customs which are very socialistic. (This is where he developed his great relationship with “the blacks.”)

When Trump was fifteen he was brought to New York by his father. Trump never talked about his South African background for fear of reprisals by Americans who hated apartheid.

Two years ago, when Obama was elected, Trump decided to run for president. He spent three and a half million dollars over two years manufacturing an American birth certificate, bribed doctors and nurses to say they had been present at his birth, and even hiring for life a troupe of actors to play his childhood American friends, college classmates and professors, etc. He has a staff dedicated to manufacturing articles about his ‘life’ in America, etc. He is hoping to become President of the United States, beef up its military by cutting off all unemployment funds, and finally invade South Africa and reinstate apartheid so his elderly mother can go to the beach without a gun. …

Another eminent historian has advanced the theory that Trump was actually born in Mexico. Read it all at “Was Donald Trump Born in Mexico?”

I think it is incumbent upon Trump to withdraw from the GOP presidential derby and public life until he can prove where he was born to my satisfaction.

2011 RS Janes.


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Joyce Lovelace
Joyce Lovelace
12 years ago

Very good RS. Trump is such a fool I don’t understand how he’s stayed a public figure for so long. I guess a clown with money always has a gig. Wouldn’t you think he’d start a run for president by looking presidential? I mean – he could afford a good hairpiece.

I read this and it makes sense to me – tho’ I haven’t researched the law myself.

“…… Obama’s mother was American making him a “natural born citizen” no matter where he was born. Natural Born does not mean born on US soil – according to English Common Law on which the Constitution was based, natural born means entitled to citizenship by birth, and any child of a US citizen no matter where they are born is entitled to citizenship. The court already ruled this n the 1960s when they allowed Mexican-born George Romney (Mitt’s father) to run for President – because his mother was American and he was entitled to US citizenship at birth”

RS Janes
12 years ago

I’ve read that since he started, Trump hired a good PR agent to plant stories about what a great businessman he is (he’s so good he’s gone bankrupt about four times), and even the bankers who lent him money for his failing enterprises believed this nonsense. The truth is, ‘The Donald’ is terrible at business — he couldn’t turn a profit from a casino, and he always overspends on his various eponymous projects. The only real money he makes these days is the $2 million from his TV show. The guy is a perfect Republican — a pure fraud and a tireless conman. According to Lawrence O’Donnell, Trump will drop his presidential bid in May when NBC announces its new schedule — if he runs for president, his show won’t be on it, and even Trump’s smart enough to know he doesn’t have a chance of being elected. Aside from that, O’Donnell claims the contracts for the new season have already been signed and if Trump reneged, he’d be in for a massive lawsuit he can’t afford. (He’s not that rich, contrary to the smoke he blows.) Some Big Media type should ask Trump about that.

BTW, Joyce, this was written with ‘tongue in cheek’ just to show how absurd the whole Birther movement is, but your point re the nationality of the birth mother is well-taken — which means, no matter what, that Obama was a US citizen at birth.

12 years ago

Bwaahaaahaaahaaahaaahaa ha ha ha (whew!) my stomach hurts.

RS Janes
12 years ago

Your stomach hurts? Imagine how Trump’s Jamaican mother felt before ‘The Donald’ was born! 😉

Ana Grarian
12 years ago

Also per Lawrence O’Donnell, Trumps money has come by the bankruptcies, which Trump bragged was a perfectly legal use of our court system. Run up a debt and then get out of paying it. And some people yell about the elusive welfare queen.

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