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Trump supporter drives ‘build the wall’ float past New Zealand mourners at Cleveland City Hall

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A vigil organized by Christians, Jews and Muslims at Cleveland City Hall to remember the 49 killed in Christchurch, New Zealand was interrupted Friday by a President Donald Trump supporter driving a “BUILD THE WALL” float.

Mourners looked on in disbelief as the float rolled past the memorial blaring music. The driver, Robert Cortis of Michigan, then made a second pass and played “God Bless America.”

Cortis told Cleveland 19 he was leaving the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and happened to drive by city hall as the memorial was being held.

Speakers, including Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, stayed on script and focused on the tragedy instead of the disruption.

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Inspection- Grave

 One of the reasons I love to write: sometimes I find more fact in fiction than invective and rants supposedly express ‘truth.’

  Once upon a nightmare there was a leader of a country who prepared the biggest Inspectiongrave ever for all who opposed him. He, his associates and his supporters kept making the grave bigger and wider. They even threw some of their former supporters and associates into the grave because they dared to criticize some actions, some behavior. Of course reporters who displeased him were shoved in, as well as inconvenient politicians. He sought help from anyone, any group no matter how vile or villainous, who would encourage those already in the grave to turn on each other. He cheered them on as they marched through the streets insulting all who weren’t them. When they perpetrated horrible acts he was slow, at best, meek and weak at condemning their blood drenched behavior, if he did at all.
 Of course those who mostly agreed with the leader who objected to his methods, or thought they should follow what was left of rule of law, were pushed in too. Read more

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