Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

By Ana Grarian

50+ hippy chick from NY - STATE - and yes, I'm sensitive about that.

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Ken Carman
11 years ago

All but beets I understand. Don’t like it either way, but don’t understand why these days they’d bother with beets. Perhaps it’s for other applications for beets. Because, otherwise, I think beets generally are more our parent’s generation. I have eaten in many homes: clients, friends, relatives, from Louisiana to Maine, and rarely see beets on the table. Same is true of restaurants. That wasn’t true 20-30 or more years ago. I think they’re going the way of liver, kidneys and souse.

Personally… beets are eatable, but I’m not a big fan. Yet I have no desire for them to disappear for those who like. Maybe they’ll come back.

I’m guessing modifying these has more to do with beet sugar which is used in many Belgian beers and other, less family table, applications. I also believe beet matter can be used to congeal liquids and other more loose matter. In that sense I do know they are used in various forms of food processing, but that’s about as much as I know. I’m sure, if he were alive, my father would probably fill my ears with all kinds of food tech babble about beets.

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