Fri. May 24th, 2024

But there is something that must happen first, nationwide, for Scribe to change.

Let’s pass a law that women, gays, American Indians, and blacks must not only own guns: provided by the state, but given sharpshooting training by the state. Mandatory: a special national Stand Your Ground law designed especially for women, gays, American Indians, and blacks. It would read, due to past oppression and intimidation if they feel threatened in any way they have a right to kill: no questions asked, no self defense plea possible for anyone claiming THEY felt threatened. You know, like maybe Trayvon Martin if HE had survived and killed Zimmerman? This might actually put a serious kink in gay bashing, rape, shooting teens who have every right to be where they are holding just Skittles and a drink, anyone who has possible intent on giving a woman a date rape drug, those who want to deny American Indians any rights or status they feel they have been, or were, promised.

There’s history here folks: Wounded Knee, slavery, tossing slaves that bogged down ships to the sharks, lynchings, gay bashing, Stonewall and more. If Custer’s Last were to happen today innocence would be automatic if Custer had won, like it would have been back then. With this change a modern day Custer would be like Trayvon: guilty no matter what actually happened. The Natives were defending themselves. Same would be true if Blacks massacred of KKK members, women put a new hole through Rush’s hate filled and Gays could have shot back at Stonewall.

Since we’re talking about a lot of hate-filled white men, let’s provide a special except to the law against machine guns. This should make efforts to defend themselves from perceived threats more efficient.

Considering past history this “special” right, above normal Stand Your Ground laws, for these groups even more necessary. So white boys can have their Stand Your Ground, the rest the special extended version, or 2.0, if you wish.

Now, Scribe is not actually suggesting this, but considering all the resistance to gun legislation, laws against hate crimes and support for Zimmerman, bashing of gays, hate spewed at women and recent defense of rape, Scribe does wonder if you folks so concerned with self defense would consider turn around fair play, or if you all are just the racist, homophobic, women hating evil a-holes you seem to be.

So how about it, Homeboys?

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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