Sat. May 21st, 2022
Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake, New York, was once a retreat for the Vanderbilt family. Courtesy Bridget Besaw.

Great Camp Sagamore

Written by Tom Perrottet

One of the little-known turning points in the history of American travel occurred in the spring of 1869, when a handsome young preacher from Boston named William H.H. Murray published one of the first guidebooks to a wilderness area. In describing the Adirondack Mountains—a 9,000-square-mile expanse of lakes, forests and rivers in upstate New York—Murray broached the then-outrageous idea that an excursion into raw nature could actually be pleasurable. Before that date, most Americans considered the country’s primeval landscapes only as obstacles to be conquered. But Murray’s self-help opus, Adventures in the Wilderness; or, Camp-Life in the Adirondacks, suggested that hiking, canoeing and fishing in unsullied nature were the ultimate health tonic for harried city dwellers whose constitutions were weakened by the demands of civilized life.

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Joyce Carman Lovelace
9 years ago

Joyce Carman Lovelace liked this on Facebook.

Debbie Payne Hemmert
9 years ago

and Ken – just another interesting fact – My Grandpa and Dad did a lot of work on the Vanderbilt home. Many ties to our Adirondacks. Love it there.

Ken Carman
9 years ago

Wow. Didn’t know. You know of all the time I’ve spent in the Dacks, never been there. Wish I’d known your folks better. While I was around a lot from an early age, actual time spent living there was all too short. Hope to remedy that some when we retire.

Ken Carman
9 years ago

Of course I probably would have tried to con him into helping me learn to fly, and as you explained back then my chances for employment were probably slim. I enjoy what I do, yes, but once I went up in a bubble copter (where you can see almost all the way around you) I LOVED it. Nice hearing from you again. Hope the music was somewhat pleasing. Just something I did with my own equipment. Age is also doing a number on the voice… but still enjoy.

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