Wed. May 25th, 2022

My friend, the murderer

Here’s what the news reported: An area man murdered his former girlfriend in the upper-level apartment of his split-level home. He sat with her body for 20 to 40 minutes, then phoned the local police, claiming a complete mental breakdown. I don’t know what just happened, he said, but you need to come quick. He waited for police on the sidewalk with his hands behind his head, and officers lowered him into their squad car just past dawn without incident.

What they did not say is this: I was his close friend…

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Ken Carman
9 years ago

This post from says a lot about mental illness and how it affects our crime rate.

Joyce Carman Lovelace
9 years ago

This is a very good article. Mental health care is incredibly tricky and impossibly expensive. Most people do not have the $ or insurance to pay for it. Our modern society is responsible for a lot of our illness, and our inability to cope/ I wonder how much of our exposure to chemicals in the womb, air, our food and water contribute.

Ken Carman
9 years ago

I tend to wonder if over 50% of such crimes aren’t mental illness related, and how much because some folks tend to think there’s no hope. But considering some of the evil I’ve seen in some folks who think anything they do can be justified, and that “makes it so,” I’m sure that plays into it too. The current trend to “anything that’s gets what I want” does NOT help. Indeed, to the extreme, that IS mental illness, IMO.

Joyce Carman Lovelace
9 years ago

This economy that rewards the psychopaths, and paints the struggling as weak, is contributing greatly to the despair.

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