Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

C’mon Baby, Let’s Do the Twist!

For 30 years, the Right-Wing Attack Machine has been ‘educating’ (most people would call it ‘propagandizing’) their audience to reject anything reported by the Big Media as biased liberal lies. From Rush-Buster to Hannity-Insanity, it’s been a solid wall of attack on the three major broadcast networks, the two major Fox News cable competitors, and, especially, those rotten bastions of left-wing calumny that conspired to take late GOP saint Richard Nixon down the Watergate without a paddle, The New York Times and the Washington Post.

Since the Dittoheads that slavishly follow the neocon media gadflies rarely alight on any surface resembling reality, they have nearly ignored the Times’ support of the Iraq invasion and the hiring of PNAC founder Bill Kristol as one of its regular weekly columnists. Meanwhile, the Post’s editorials these days might as well be written by the Republican National Committee, Karl Rove’s a Newsweek columnist, and a typically blind eye is turned to Bob Woodward’s conversion from 70’s journalistic hero to the current Bush-grubbing zero; only recently has Woody stuck his finger in the air and detected a shift in the political hot air, freeing him to belatedly chase the caboose of criticism and scorn his Man O’ War pal Dubya has engendered from his media colleagues and hundreds of historians.

Now that the Big Media has become, for the most part, an arm of the GOP, faithfully repeating even its most laughable attacks and holding its opponents to a higher standard of conduct and past relationships than that imposed on Republican politicians, and the reporters covering McCain continue to gleefully fawn over him and paper over his mistakes, the thundering irony is crashing down, wrapped around a tire-iron: McCain’s embrace by the MSM may end up costing him the presidency as voters on the right desert him because he is adored by the hated ‘liberal’ media! Ho, ho! Read on:

“… The millions of conservatives who have spent decades learning to loathe the ‘liberal media’ aren’t going to change their minds just because much of the news media cover John McCain the way Teen Beat covered Menudo. For reasons having little to do with his reliably right-wing voting record, a sizable chunk of the GOP base has never trusted McCain; the media’s embrace of him will simply confirm their doubts about both McCain and journalists rather than warming them to either.”
— Jamison Foser, Media Matters, May 9, 2008.

We might as well get used to saying ‘President Obama’ right now.


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