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Inspection- 00 to 08; a Preamble to New Year: 09

I’ll start with a quote by “Elvis” at…

“(ask the MSM)…why Michael Connell’s death is not has suspicious as Vince Foster’s…”

New Years, 00. I was haunted by November and I have no idea if Michael Connell had something to do with it. But it doesn’t matter if he did or not. As far as being haunted…

We all know why.

New Years, 04. I was haunted by November, and Michael Connell may well have had something to do with it.

Why did I feel haunted?

My wife and I were at a Kerry election night “celebration,” Nashville, TN in November. Why both candidates create something resembling a high class frat party when one always turns into a funeral, I’ll never quite understand. They could at least have alternate plans to change it into a New Orleans type funeral. Now that would be going out with class.

About 8:30 Central, things had been going fairly well, and suddenly the numbers on the board started going screwy. I told my wife, “It’s like someone pulled a switch.” The local Kerry phone bank head had just met us in a hallway and acted rather nice, another “switch,” since she had stopped talking to me. A couple of months earlier I had mentioned I had a lot of information in E-mail accounts about vote rigging, and if she wanted, I could E-mail her a couple things I had just to see what she thought.

Her response?

Basically, “Shut the hell up, I don’t want to even know, now get back to your phone.” Then she stopped talking to me and acted haughty towards me until election night.

And we wonder why Dems kept losing?

Remember that time; about 8:30 Central: 9:30 Eastern.

Michael Connell’s recent plane crash has brought up an old wound. At 9:30, Eastern, 2004… Republicans funneled votes through a server in Tennessee, the lawsuit that Connell was supposed to testify in after being warned several times not to fly due to possible sabotage says. The claim: votes were switched; Kerry to Bush. Connell had agreed to testify concerning this. That was the approximate time I said, “It’s as if someone threw a switch…”


Inspection- Questioning, Yet Hoping, for More “New” in the New Year: 09

That’s right! Now ‘new and improved!’ Here it is, old man time, now reformulated: born again. Washes cleaner, brighter, younger, filled with more intelligence… though maybe not ‘whiter.’ You need it now. Right now!”

…yes, we do “hope.” But will it be, or even have a chance to be, “as advertised?”

Here we go again. We’ve circled the sun another 300 plus times, the seasons have swirled around us by four and someone… something… is getting ready to or flip a switch, or press a button, or signal a computer, to drop a ball on Times Square.

Worse than believing in an old bearded man who never dies and goes down fictitious chimneys at every home worldwide, just one night every December, every year …

As feeble minded as the Neo Con who believes Bush can do no wrong…

Many revelers all across the country actually seem to believe it’s being dropped exactly when their time zone oriented “new” year rolls around: Central Time, Mountain Time, Pacific Time, Lithuanian time, Bongo Bongo time; only that’s not a ball. It’s a boiling pot with preacher in it. When it hits the bottom a bell goes off and revelers feast!

What, A1 doesn’t sell a sauce specially formulated for the formerly ordained, now somewhere between rare to well done?

It’s our regular prerecorded New Year’s “miracle.” At 12:00 midnight, wherever you are, some snot nosed baby thumbs his nasal orifice at humanity as Old Man time gratefully keels over saying, “Damn, I’m glad to be outta here!”

As we will be after tonight; once 08 becomes 09 and a few weeks pass.

In just a fistful of days we hopefully move on from torture is not torture, away from where not paying attention is considered being a responsible leader, past considering using an American tragedy for political gain fair game, as far away as possible from the obscene concept that a victim shot by a Vice President has to apologize for the audacity of taking away from his greatness… or just being in the way of the gun, light years beyond the idea that bodies floating in swill that floods the street of a great American city while mercenaries shoot anyone on site for any reason is acceptable; or beyond using such horrendous events as an excuse to funnel money to corporate friends: not rebuild, and definitely the opposite end of the universe from mercenaries who execute whole families and machine gun down crowds and passerby-ers in Iraq…

Dare I continue?

No, least you vomit all over your computer screens.

Will the new year bring “better?”

Burping up another over wrought cliche’: yes, there is hope. But is hope enough? I doubt it. The forces that made Bill Clinton’s life Hell, and anyone who wouldn’t lie about him, are taking down the War on Christmas “your enemy’s guts,” pagan warrior-based, garland. At the same time they’re also preparing to slice, dice, smear and butcher anything, anyone, who isn’t them: especially those represented by the presidential seal.

Happy New Year, America!

But, despite Mad Max-like economic times, I’m so glad to be here. The little bratty children who called themselves “adults” are leaving, though they don’t have their beaten tails tucked between their legs as they should, it’s glad to see them go. Kind of like when the cousins visited when you were all kids and stayed way too damn long. You know, the ones who; instead of playing with you, thought “play” was tormenting you while insisting you were the immature one for not accepting the torture?

I now understand the “audacity of hope,” but know that “audacity” may well become known as the operative word in that phrase.

Storm clouds on the horizon tell me that the new precedent will let the guilty go free and unpunished for the sake of a better future: a bad precedent as far as recent history goes. Look at what happened to Nixon and his get out of jail card buddies. Notice how it eventually morphed into trading arms with the enemy with many of the same cast. Who wrote this Broadway musical, the same demons who made the deal at a crossroads called Nixon? Did they make the same deal for 2000? 2004? And what will the massive shrug off of Buschco guilt actually achieve?

I’m frightened.

But I am glad to be here. Hope you are too. Let’s enjoy what we can and fight the good fight against what we shouldn’t have to tolerate. We have been wandering in a desert absent of decency while thirsting for it: intellectually starved and parched while the president insists our children “is learning.”

We have been lost in some less than Z grade “documentary:” The George W. Bush/Linda Blair-like Witch Project. The past eight years have been more than enough to turn your head 360 degree. And the projectile has splattered us all; some worse; and some far more dead, than others.

But the clamps are about to be released that have held us here; at least we hope so.

The jail cells unlocked, for now.

And I think the sun is shining outside.

Or at least I have hope it is.


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

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By Ken Carman

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