Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Split GOPoposaur

You know you’ve crossed the line when Florida Republicans think you’ve crossed the line. That’s been a well-known litmus test for line crossing for some time now, but Republican candidate Joshua Black, running for a seat in the Florida Home for Petty Crooks and Dismal People aka the state House, was so eager to prove that he is more conservative than thou that he sailed past it on Twitter like an explorer seeking a new and better Batshit Crazy Land.

“@civilwarcometh: @BrandonMArms @RedNationRising I’m past impeachment. It’s time to arrest and hang him high.” Agreed

Even fellow Republicans called him out on this one, leading to a bit of a Twitter fight, but Black, who according to the Tampa Bay Times used to be a practicing street evangelist and who from his Twitter feed can easily be diagnosed as absotutely batshit insane, wasn’t going to have any of it. So like any good patriot, by which I mean like Sarah Palin on one of her non-speech-giving days, he took to Facebook to explain himself. It didn’t get better, though his reasons for hanging the president are certainly surprising ones.

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