Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

It used to be that the right wing pretended to have a moral compass. Pretended, in fact, to have the only true moral compass. It wasn’t that they hated women and want to pay us less, take away our reproductive rights, etc.; it’s that they love us so much they can’t possibly leave us to our own silly devices. It isn’t that they hate gay people and want to take away their rights to marry, hold a job and even exist; it’s just that they love them so much they can’t help but shower them in the sort of Christian compassion that will isolate, impoverish and even kill them. It’s not that they hate the poor and want them to starve to death or die of treatable illness, but that they love them so much that they can’t possibly do them the disservice of feeding, clothing or healing them (because, really, what sort of sick bastard would foster dependency like that? Other than Jesus, I mean). Liberals were intent on filling bellies but emptying souls, whereas conservatives focused on tending souls (and it’s not for nothing that this is a task that produces no measurable results, in a scenario where suffering is actually considered beneficial and character building).

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