Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Scribe’s Obvious Conclusion

Courtesy www.democraticunderground.com
Courtesy www.democraticunderground.com

When Old Cranky Pants John McCain goes overseas and insists he’s dealing with moderates, gets them support, and they become a more dangerous, nasty, army of fanatical Muslims, then tries to goad Obama into starting a war with them it’s obvious…

A. It was an INTENTIONAL, traitorous, act. He might as well have cut that journalist’s head himself.
B. And, maybe like other religious fanatics, he’s tired he’s tired of waiting for Armageddon and is trying to start it.

Courtesy ap.ign.com
Courtesy ap.ign.com

Ye Old Scribe’s Tiny, Yet Scientifically Significant, Theistic Tale

The Beloved is Pleased

WYZEM chided the many little ones, asexually budded off of him over the eons, as they skimmed their early feeding out of the thick sulfur-laden air. “Him” didn’t really apply because “he” was neither male or female, but for the sake of driving Scribe crazy looking for something less crass than “it,” let’s go with it, OK?


GOOD, glad we got that settled.

WYZEM normally would have fussed over the little ones, but WYZEM was in a hurry to get to work because soon Yzats everywhere would have to go deep into their caves as Yzat’s sun turned the planet’s surface into a smoldering caudron that would turned WYZEM into a pool of goo. Every one of the Beloved’s created creatures hid in the caves: more deep, wide, worm-like holes in the ground, than caves, during the day. Some came out late in the day when it was cooler, but the sun would burn off most of the life giving sulfur and it was so hard to take even a single breath. Then back to deep in the caves where the sulfur, the Beloved-created creatures stayed when the surface of Yzat froze.

WYZEM knew WNZEM, the eldest, would take care of the littler ones.

So, happily, “he” went off too work, first taking his state provided Wenz with him. Just one job today.

As he whistled a tune through his gills WYZEM looked at the sulfur laden sky, endless flat landscape that seemed to go on forever and wondered how anyone could doubt the benevolence of the Beloved, who created the one sun that circled Yzat, the caves, the dusk, the dawn, the flat land so easy to traverse.

Why would anyone even think there was more? Why would they claim there was evidence this all evolved naturally, that there may be otherYzats with different suns other kinds of life and conditions. Everyone knew the Beloved created all this for the Yzats and all the Beloved asked was obiedance and not to be question? Yet they wanted to sample, test, draw conclusions that would be open to challenge. Certainly such Yzats deserved to be extinguished, the dangerous heretics they were.

WYZEM arrived at work a tad early, which was good as the sun seemed to head eagerly up the sulfur-laden, yet less than before, sky.

“Work time!”

WYZEM cocked his Wenz, ignored the protesting whistles of the heretic tied to the stake, Poited and blew him into bits of goo. Then WYZEM, before the sun rose too high, headed happily home to his cave, knowing the Beloved is pleased.

Ending Caveat

God has a secret to tell you. Here it is…


What: being who is supposedly all powerful, perfect, all knowing, eternal and you expected to understand?

Silly you.

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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