Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

cinder block harvest I spent this morning at the shed. I love the way my daughter describes it, ”60 years old & still building forts in the woods!”

Today I harvested cinder blocks of various sizes and shapes from the woods above my shed. Many of them were half buried in the dirt and had to be pried loose before the dirt could be knocked out of them so I could drag them to be stacked out of the way, yet accessible if I figure out a use for them.

As I worked I picked up bits and pieces of metals and things for the trash pile, and marked a spot where I will have to rake out another quantity of broken glass. I’ve discovered yet another pile of old tires. This time they are mostly old bicycle tires and tubes. The neighbor is fixing some young man’s pickup. He wandered down to borrow some chunks of 2×4, and ended up offering to haul away the metals and tires on wheels as soon as his truck is fixed. That will be a big help. I might be able to get rid of the rest of the trash a little at a time with the regular garbage since we don’t use the maximum # of bags.

Yesterday I made a large deposit to the compost pile. A tree came down in the last storm. It’s too big for my lawn tractor to pull out so I was clearing out around it so it could be sawed into lengths. That’s how I came upon the tires. I was going to leave that area completely wild, but once i found there was trash strewn about I had to clean it out. This time of year it is mostly golden rod, and with the recent rain the ground was soft enough for them to pull out easily. SO now my unsightly pile of dirt/rotting wood bits and small pieces of trash too small to sort out is a big green hump. Next fall I’ll get the pleasure of screening out the junk from the usable dirt.

I came back to the house at noon for lunch and to get cleaned up for work. Instead of walking across the yard, I wandered the path I have cut through the woods. There was a nip in the air this morning, and though the sun is now very warm, the smell of fall is in the air as leaves begin to turn yellow and fall to the ground.

By AFarmer

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