Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Bluebird 033015

One of the reasons this place is good for me is that I can walk to town. My garage is at the foot of my hill. My church and the bus station (ill served by the bus system) are just a few blocks down from that. And the diner and ice cream stand are just a bit further. So it was not a big deal to take my car to be serviced this morning and walk home.

Except for the weather report. Rain mixed with snow -all day long.

I’m really ready for some warm sunshine, just like everyone else.

But like last week when I took it to be diagnosed and the day was frigid with high winds; there was reason to relish the walk home.
Last week I saw what may have been a mink playing on the ice covered expanse of the creek. This week the creek is flowing freely, and with it a flock of ducks (Merganser?) and at least a few geese. I saw my first Robin of 2015 and many Cardinals. The Cardinals are here all year but this morning I saw quite a flurry of them. Then as the pinnacle of happy surprise, when I sat down at my computer, I saw an Eastern Bluebird at my feeder. I don’t think I have ever seen one in real life. He stayed quite a while, dancing between the feeders with a small Downy Woodpecker. Many of my regulars came to eat this morning, too. Chickadee, Nuthatch, Sparrow and wren. As well as the big Red-headed woodpecker and I believe a Starling. The cat has been enjoying the view as much as I.
I managed over the weekend to get some more seeds started. My pot of Kale sits under the large front window with a metal rack on top to keep the cat from digging out the soil and chasing it around the living room. The garlic bulbs are growing well and my Stevia plant seems to be coming out of it’s winter doldrums. Trays seeded to Peppers, Lettuce Mix, assorted Sunflowers and Zinnia adorn my bedroom table.
On Saturday I stopped at Agway to get poultry feed and on the spur of the moment ordered Bronze Turkey chicks. My fascination with fowl is growing and I may just become the crazy poultry lady.

Well, it’s still grey and wet out there, but my car is ready and the cost is negligible. So, so far, still a pretty good day.

By AFarmer

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