Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

wet ivy leavesThis morning as I look out my window at the various shades of green, sparkling in the sun with leftover raindrops I can feel at peace. The ducks are happy for the new pond that has formed in the parking area at the end of the drive way. The chickens are happy with the worms that have been driven to the surface. The turkeys are sleeping in a patch of sunlight warming the back yard, and a Robin sings from the treeline.

As I was driving home from work about six last night, the weather reporter stated that the flood watch had been lifted for my region. We have had so much rain this year that the flood warning has been an almost daily consideration. My entire mini-vacation (I only worked one job) was lost to rain. Graduation parties and weddings feature tarps and umbrellas this year. (and coats and boots – in July!)

Last summer by this time I had accomplished a great deal of gardening and was well into my shed project. This year I have watched as rain beat the petals off the tulips, Rhododendron and Peonies. My tomatoes are as happy as the ducks and I have taken to trimming them because they are taller than I am. The other garden plants seem to be struggling along. I think the carrots must have drowned, the bean seeds disappeared (though the turkeys may have helped with that), and the squash plants seem to have just really got there footing and are starting to flow up and out of there hills. Perhaps by week end I will taste my first squash of 2015. Of course with all this dampness rust and blight are real concerns. My Rhododendron seems to be recovering well from the banquetting deer. That may be a blessing of the rain – I am not sure.

This was my year to get an early start on harvesting fire wood. Alas, wet ground does not make a good place to lay out yards and yards of extension cord. The rain did bring down some trees to be cut up, fortunately in the woods and not in my yard, but out of reach of my electric saw.

I finally opened my pocket book and bought a small gas saw with an easy start engine. Hopefully this will be my savior. My plan is to cut the trees into logs and drag them nearer the house to cut them up into lengths for the stove. Of course with this extended mud season, dragging logs is not really an option right now either. Heck – even driving my little tractor up-hill across the lawn is risky.

The weather has not helped my sanity either. Last weekend I found myself slipping into hysteria over what was supposed to be a low key family dinner. I had to keep reminding myself it was really about a lack of sun, and a disappointing vacation leading into a week of overtime at work.

So far the weather channel is indicating a sunny weekend.

 I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



By AFarmer

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