Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Written by Mart Allen

Random thoughts

martallenjpg-b71d96103834e49b_smallThe weather the past week is a welcome relief from what we have experienced from the beginning of last January. I have seen much worse in my lifetime but did not mind it nearly as much when I was younger. I had more to take up my time and the energy to do it without ever noticing the effects of the weather. But nothing changes your mood like good weather and mine has definitely improved.

Many of the things I looked forward to for recreation I had to give up because of the vagaries of age. But some aspects of fishing I can enjoy as much as I always did. I can still ice fish and stream fish with reservations but the effort is not worth it for me. I am able to fish from a boat or the banks with almost the same enthusiasm I always did. I have a few complications that plague me but I do not allow them to intrude to any great extent with my enjoyment. Getting in and out of the boat is my biggest challenge and arthritis is the culprit responsible for that.

It will still be awhile before the fishing season arrives, which gives me plenty of time to plan my strategies for overcoming the complexities involved in catching the various species of fish. Hope springs eternal in the mind of every fisherman. For months prior to the next open season every available source on the subject is perused in the hope that some new lure or piece of equipment has been unveiled that will ensure catching the limit.

Fishing is not the only venture that annually seems elusive as far as solving all the problems connected with a situation. One of mine has been landscaping, in particular the lawn, shrubs and flowers. I avowed last spring to quit trying and let the chips land where they may but that’s impossible. Every spring I am greeted with a new and seemingly impossible calamity to repair on the lawn. And this year is no exception.

My lawn looks like it has been readied for planting. I have never seen so much activity from moles. I have always had some evidence of their presence but it has subsided as the sun warms the surface and they lower their burrows. The only after effects of their winter escapades was the occasional attempts by the dogs to dig them out. From the scene that daily unfolds under the snows retreat the dogs are going to have a field day and I am facing a nightmare. In my travels throughout the region I see that I am not the only one with the same problem. If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to deal with moles I would like to hear them.

Anyone my age has seen and pondered all the problems confronting the normal person who takes life seriously and that is the only way sane people should take it. Practical people have had centuries to learn how to govern and improve their quality of life and they have made significant advances in that direction. They have reached the highest pinnacles of intelligence but still have not learned to benefit from the one thing they have that all other life forms do not, and that is history repeats itself. Yet people seem not to ever take advantage of that fact. We seem doomed to repeat over and over again what are tragic mistakes. If anyone has the answer to that dilemma all mankind will be better off.

Nothing is more serious than life itself and life is what each individual makes it. It is too dear to be squandered. I have lived a long life and enjoyed every minute of it. But I learned it is not always fair. I learned from history and experience one has to work for what they get out of life. Nothing is free. Never believe anyone promising that what they offer is. I personally have witnessed what it has cost to build what we have created and preserved here in this nation and it has been very dear in lives and treasure.

I have seen a dramatic change in our culture in my lifetime. We are entrusting our future to people who have proven by their actions over long periods of time that they are totally devoid of character. It is frustrating to me because I believe we are at a point where many who want to lead the nation have renounced the use of reason.

Another person who shared his thoughts with the world on the same subject was Rabbi Steven Pruzansky and I am sorry to say I think there is, as the old saw goes, more truth than poetry in it. It is my thought for the week: The old America is gone. And, sad for the world, it is not coming back.


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