Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

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… and the moon became as blood.”
— Revelation 6:12

On Sunday night, my family and I gathered to watch the harvest moon be devoured. I brought our small telescope out onto the back porch, but the brilliance of that celestial disk rendered the thing about useless. My daughter pelted from window to window yelling, “Daddy, the moo! Mumma, the moo!” until my wife and I nearly wet ourselves in an ecstasy of giggling. After we put the girl down for the night, my wife and I just sat outside and watched. Ain’t no lights out here. When the moon turned to blood – to crib a line from St. John’s Revelation – Mars roared red in reply on the low horizon, and the Milky Way itself spilled out on the black velvet sky like diamond shards. Some things truly beggar comparison. This was one such.

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