Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

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Cheaters never prosper. That was a mantra most all of us heard when we were kids. You could hear it on a baseball field, or at recess when you were playing marbles, or when you were enjoying a board game on those expansively heady occasions when the grown ups might let you sit in and play with them.

But cheaters prosper plenty. It even could be said that cheaters may be the only real winners left. There’s hardly a way that cheating can be done that Donald Trump hasn’t practiced to perfection, and there’s nobody whatsoever he’d be disinclined to cheat if he could find even the slightest personal advantage in doing so. From wives to girlfriends, from business partners to business rivals, this is a man who extols the “art of the deal,” an art dedicated to the prospect that winning is the only important objective in any transaction or human interaction. Anything that facilitates winning is hunky dory, a mark of pride, in fact. Cheating will propel you to the top of the heap, and when you’ve climbed a heap that foul, on top is surely the only place to be.

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