Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

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What if anti-abortion activists really cared about the health care needs of women? What if they believed that health and safety standards at health care clinics where women go for abortions and other health care services really could be improved? What if they really think that clinic doctors having admitting privileges at local hospitals would provide an important safety net? What would they do?

Would they raise money to help bring those clinics up to the higher standards they claim to desire? Would they petition local hospitals — the very same hospitals they’ve threatened to boycott — to allow admitting privileges for clinic doctors? Or, would it continue to support onerous laws like Texas’ HB2, designed essentially to shut down any abortion-providing health care clinics, making it nearly impossible for thousands of women to have access to basic health care services? Unfortunately, the former is a pipedream; the latter the reality!

Despite the anti-abortion movement’s pronouncements that it is concerned with health care of women, it has done everything in its power — constructed every possible barrier — to limit women’s health care options, making it much harder for women — especially the poor and underserved — to get adequate health care.

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