Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

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John Bonifaz is a longtime voting rights attorney and founder of the National Voting Rights Institute. In 2004, he was lead counsel for the Green and Libertarian Parties that filed for a presidential recount in Ohio. He has been leading efforts to file for presidential recounts in the three states that tipped the Electoral College majority from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. AlterNet’s Steven Rosenfeld interviewed him on Wednesday.

Steven Rosenfeld: Let’s start with why recount and who can do it?

John Bonifaz: The reason why we need to have recounts done in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is because this was a very, very close election and the way we verify the vote is to go through the recount process. We unfortunately do not have mandatory audits in any of those states and most states in the country, and therefore we rely on machine counts on election night to tell who won and who lost a particular election.

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