Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Michael Moore. (photo: Where to Invade Next)

Did Obama “tapp” Trump? Let’s Hope So.

If you’re like me, you have no love for the FBI, the NSA or the CIA. If you are from my generation, you know these are very often nefarious institutions. The FBI spied on Martin Luther King to stop his civil rights activities. The NSA was ordered to make up stuff on Iraq so Bush could start a war. The CIA has had leaders of countries assassinated and democratically-elected Presidents (Iran, Chile, Guatemala) overthrown. These secret organizations have for decades committed so many acts in our name that have done much damage to good people and movements here and around the world. They spied on everyday average Americans whose crime was to simply attend a protest. Like you. And me. (To this day, I have yet to ask for the file they kept on me in the past. It was shown to me once, at NBC — provided to them by General Motors in an attempt by the company to keep me off my first-ever appearance on the Tonight Show in 1990. Yes, a crazy story to be sure, and one I will write more about some other time because right now we have graver matters to address.)

Trump’s insane flurry of tweets at 6:30 in the morning yesterday may not have been so insane at all. Under President Obama, these intelligence agencies were fortunately somewhat reined in. I say “somewhat” because clearly FBI director James Comey was allowed to go rogue against Hillary Clinton.

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