Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Think you can pick a good president from just a few personal traits, biased media blather and water-cooler gossip? Take the test.

Here are brief bios of three world leaders from the past; which one do you think would make the best president and commander-in-chief of the US today?

— Candidate A had little military or political experience; considered rough and unsophisticated, he was a trial lawyer frowned upon as a na ‘hick’ and criticized for telling inappropriate stories in times of crisis; some of those who served in his government viewed him as slow-witted, indecisive, weak-willed and not up to the task; he was loathed and belittled by many of the most prominent people in his country, and even by some of his own military commanders, and came close to losing a war in which his side had a strong advantage.

— Candidate B had no military experience; he drank too much, smoked heavily and repeatedly cheated on his wife; was accused of being a traitor; was ridiculed by the press that his actions could never match his soaring oratory; was hated by many respectable members of society in his time; made deals with despots; and he was charged with lying to his people on important matters of state.

— Candidate C was a decorated war hero who did not smoke nor drink, and those around him said he was very charming, humorous and personable; he loved children and animals; he was adored and even idolized by his people for his strength and leadership, and he rebuilt his nation from the ashes of a collapsed economy into a world-class industrial power.

So, which candidate would you pick for president?

Made your selection? Good. To find out who these candidates were, read on.

If you chose Candidate A, you picked Abraham Lincoln. If you chose Candidate B, you selected Franklin D. Roosevelt. If you chose Candidate C, congratulations, your president is Adolf Hitler.


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