Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

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How absurd that we are here. It is dumb, shameful and internationally embarrassing that our country is having a serious discussion about why arming teachers is a bad idea. Apparently, the $54 million the NRA spent buying the GOP in 2016 paid Republicans to put on a big show of pretending not to see the underlying problem behind every mass shooting. The party that otherwise hates nuance is now acting like it couldn’t recognize a smoking gun if you paid it to, especially since the NRA is paying it so much more.

The party’s leader is now genuinely proposing that teaching entail not only educating children, but also working schools like a beat. Trump suggested Wednesday that at least 20 percent of teachers should get special weapons training so they can include “shoots to kill” under the “special skills” section of their resumes. He also said teachers should be given a “bonus” of 10 to 40 percent to carry guns because, per the president, “I want my schools protected just like I want my banks protected.” That’s a tired NRA line so out of sync with reality it actually disproves itself: The vast majority of banks, 98 percent, don’t have armed guards because studies show “the presence of armed security during bank robberies increased threefold the likelihood of a violent event.” Schools wouldn’t be any safer. Leave it to conservatives to come up with an analogy that compares children to safety deposit boxes.


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