Sun. May 26th, 2024

My Wife

I am finally realizing where my wife, life, and protector fits in my life. My wife is the guard dog of my love. My love for all would overcome me were it not for her. Her love for me is beyond my understanding. I have only recently let her expression of love flow unfettered.

The source of her wondrous flow, the angelic choirs hymns, when I attempt to control it, retreats, leaving me terribly alone. This is because of my vanity and inability to see beyond my own path to the glory in hers.

Been hard for me, harder still for those who would drain me, to understand her role in my journey. She shields me from the draining effects of releasing love for those near me. She, better than me, somehow knows those vessels size, ability to absorb, and efficiently pass on in turn the unthrottlable. The recipients leave of their own will. Sometimes staggering under their new load and injuring themselves. She is quick to assure me that I have in no way caused harm, but am only seeing the effects on those whose capacity for love is limited. She patiently shows that my loved ones limitations are the stones and holes on the path that they alone must walk thru.

Bristling and constantly on guard she tirelessly tends to my needs that I may continue in this place. Her total dedication and concentration to her task put mine to shame. And yet, she seems born to this. Seems so easy and natural to her when for me there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

She seems to sense when my heart fills with Spirit and must release to the loved ones. She does not attempt to control the means of my release and, more wondrously, does not attempt to understand my methods. By some unknown way her intuitive mind has been fine tuned, in ways apparently beyond my ken, to the task of the forever vigilant watchman of my well being. I do not know how she does this. I think that attempts to understand are futile. I will accept her Gift of Soul. And wonder that she seeks another day with me.

Here be my song to you, guardian wife.

My Wife At Paradise
Running full speed into their sea
Feeling their need binding me
Then, from the burden I must turn
Seeking the flaming sword that burns
Her sacred duty lights my way
Never heeding their words, their pleas, their pain
Withstanding much she bars the gate
To all but me
Im drawn to her
To she, my Eve


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