Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Trump’s quotes here are the usual bragging and nonsense words to fill in space. The connection is interesting. Maybe some have read this, some not. Nam thinks it may have been the program about Museums on the Travel channel that talked about many lockers that somehow went missing when Trump’s uncle ended up with them: Tesla listed 70, John Trump 30 something. John Trump basically declared nothing of consequence was in them. Very odd considering Tesla and his brilliance. An article from 2016.

As unpredictable as the current U.S. Presidential elections have been, a striking historical sidenote lies in their connection to the famous Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla.

A few days after Tesla died on January 8th, 1943, his possessions were seized by officials from the amazingly-named government Office of Alien Property. About 3 weeks after that, all of Tesla’s things and documents were given a thorough examination by a group of FBI agents that included none other than John G. Trump, the uncle of the current Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s uncle was, by all accounts, a very accomplished and intelligent man, an M.I.T. Professor of Engineering, who helped design X-ray machines for cancer patients and did radar research work for the army during World War 2.

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