Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Courtesy Michael Moore’s Facebook page

epublicans hate democracy. They are frightened that the People are coming to take the country back. They’re right. So Republican lawmakers are spending the holiday season (while the People are busy and distracted) passing laws to stop them. So many states in November, thanks to progressive ballot proposals that had obtained hundreds of thousands of signatures (if not millions) to get on the ballot, saw those measures PASSED INTO LAW on Election Day: Outlawing gerrymandering, same-day voter registration, legalizing marijuana, allowing felons to vote, and other props regarding health care, climate change, etc.

This has freaked out the Republican establishment, so they’re spending the last week of Advent, in preparation of honoring the Baby Jesus’ birth, by stripping the right of the people to go to the polls and have a say in their democracy. I’m not talking about Trump here — it’s so easy to keep all our attention on him — when it’s the thousands of local Republican politicians, your neighbors, who in YOUR State Capitols TODAY (while you’re at the mall or shopping online or on your way to visit loved ones), are trying to gut the laws that will allow YOU to make law in the voting booth in November of 2020. THEY MUST BE STOPPED. Use Google or go to your favorite progressive sites and see how you can join the fight to stop them TODAY. Please. I know, I know, we all have things to do today. The shit never seems to stop. But the momentum is with US! Don’t stop now! Here’s a great article from Ari Berman that can fill you in on what’s happening right now behind your backs: “After Voters Passed Progressive Ballot Initiatives, GOP Legislatures Are Trying to Kill Future Ones…Efforts in several states would make it far more difficult to put new initiatives on the ballot.” ACT NOW! I’ll help you finish your Xmas shopping!


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