Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Two new court decisions have blessed mass purges of voters in two swing states, Georgia and Wisconsin. This could be the launch of a new system for purging masses of voters of color and young voters that is expected to spread to 20 or more states before the Presidential election.

In Atlanta on Friday, Federal Judge Steve Jones ruled against Stacey Abrams’ organization Fair Fight in its suit to immediately restore nearly 100,000 Georgians to the voter rolls. It turns out that Abrams’ attorneys were not in a fair fight against this federal judge who refused to even consider if the purge would cause “irreparable harm.”

Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Ratffensperger, was using a method of vote suppression, “Purge by Postcard,” created by the Trump’s “vote fraud” advisor, Kris Kobach of Kansas. Under the guise of “voter list maintenance,” Georgia sent out postcards, designed by Kobach, that look like cheap junk mail. When a voter fails to return the card, they lose their vote.

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