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By Greg Palast, Greg Palast’s Facebook Page

26 January 20


SA Today reports on #Ohio’s 2019 voter purges that removed more than 460,000 registrations, noting that:

1. The young were disproportionately purged: Nearly 1 out of 3 purged voters was age 25 to 34.

2. Where a party preference could be determined based on the last partisan primary in which the voter cast a ballot, Democrats outnumbered Republicans almost 2 to 1.

Our experts have been screaming that the big purge attacks young voters — i.e. Democrats. The excuse is that they’ve moved out of Ohio. They haven’t. They are students and renters who moved to a new dorm or down the street.

And as usual with the mainstream media, USA Today have it dead wrong: Federal law prohibits the removal inactive voters from voter rolls. They hunt for “errors” in the purge list, when the entire freaking operation is stone cold illegal.

In my film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, I showed you how they stole Ohio in 2016. If you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you. Because they’re going to steal it again.

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By Professor Good Ales

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