Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Like so many others, I spend more time than I should watching the bullshit being spread on the political “shows” that take the place of news coverage on cable channels from Fox to CNN to MSNBC. It’s an addiction of a sort and it would be fairly harmless, except for the fact that it isn’t. It’s mostly engineered to piss us off, which would be fairly harmless, except for the fact that it isn’t. Surely the harm that it does to those legions or the gullible mouth breathers who so religiously follow Sean Hannity or the twits on Fox and Friends is obvious to all but those who have unquestioned faith in the honor and honesty of Donald Trump. And though he’s not on TV these days, those who listen to the Presidential Medal of Honor winner, Rush Limbaugh, are dependably among those “low-information voters” Trump has said he loves. We’ve all read, I assume, those studies that have shown that Fox viewers are the least well informed of “all other news “consumers” (a word choice, incidentally, that requires us to notice what a sorry-ass and non-brave new world we now inhabit).

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