Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Note: Zach D. Roberts is either the most courageous member of the Palast Investigations team or the craziest, or both. For the past two years, photojournalist Roberts has been investigating the ultra-Right, traveling-sometimes openly, sometimes under cover-with the Proud Boys and other wannabe storm troopers. It was Roberts who took those horrific photos of neo-Nazis beating a Black school teacher, DeAndre Harris, nearly to death. Photographing the perpetrators while a gun was pointed at him, Zach’s photos put five neo-Nazis behind bars.

How can Trump steal 2020? Violence is part of the recipe, Roberts reports… But, there’s another part. As detailed in our new one-minute film PSA, the massive, illegal purge of voters of color, barely reported in the network news, can result in 1.8 million voters blocked at the polling station, as happened in 2016. To prevent another Jim Crow outcome, the Palast Fund has created a website,, where voters in Michigan and other states can look up to see if they have been, or are about to be, purged from the voter rolls.

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