Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

This is a straight copy ‘n’ paste from my Facebook page but I thought it should be said here, too…

Written by Steve Body

I may not know much but I KNOW Donald Trump.

I started studying him after seeing his first major interview, with NBC’s Tom Brokaw on the Today Show on August 21, 1980. I was fascinated and repelled. He was the exact distillation of American greed and and corruption was brazenly unapologetic about it. He was, even then, smarmy and ingratiating to anyone he perceived as a step on his ladder up and completely dismissive to those below him…and oblivious and openly, if subtly, contemptuous of anyone brown or black.

I also know this post was prompted by a FB friend, just this morning. In watching Trump’s family grow, I’ve seen increasingly that the Trumps have become The Beverly Hillbillies, albeit with dumber accents. That is not a casual comparison. Donald as Jed, Don Jr. as Jethro, Ivanka as Ellie May, Eric as…I dunno, Jethro’s idiot brother, Cletus, and a succession of Grannies, most notably Kelly Ann Conway or her male doppleganger, Jeff Sessions, who even looks like a (slightly) younger Granny. All this, of course, minus 100% of the charm and humor and personal appeal of the originals.

They have collectively, led by their yahoo father, become a perfect caricature of American Excess. Gold toilets, skyscrapers, comb-overs, swimmin’ pools, movie stars. They have, with Trump’s phony, Russian-manipulated “election” as “president”, come to think of themselves as a sort of American Royal Family, absent of any of the British Royals’ grace or class or benevolent likeability. They have insulated themselves from all clusters of their fellow citizens who have the temerity to observe that the Emperor’s family is stark naked and seem blissfully oblivious to how thoroughly loathed and reviled they are and have been, especially now that we’ve been gagging on the daily spectacle of these mongrels roaming the halls of our White House for a seemingly impossible four years.

If I come off as condescending toward the Trumps, it’s because I’ve watched their skeevy saga for almost forty years, now, and these conclusions are, to me, inescapable. On the day that Trump announced his candidacy, back in early 2015, I turned to Judye and said, “No good can ever come of this” and then watched in horror as that damaged segment of America embraced him and the former head of the KGB invaded and manipulated our electoral process and landed this corpulent grifter in power.

Make no mistake about it, the Trump adult children (presumably not Baron) have had their fragile egos stroked by their carefully-tailored seclusion within the walls of hand-picked social circles, in which they could hide and be accepted and fawned over, and their ability to erect and live in a fantasy world is total and seamless. They learned, after all, from a master of alt-reality. They have all talked extensively about this or that they’ll be doing in 18 months, five years, “the future” – including the tone-deaf belief that political careers are assured to them – seemingly blind to the very real possibility that most, if not all, of them could be in prison for a while and then have to wear the taint of that disgrace for the rest of their lives. I think it is nothing less than out duty to crush these scoundrels, investigate them with a microscope, arrest them, indict them, and send them to prison, loudly and publicly.

If we come to the point at which people like these can get away with real, actual criminal activity with no real Consequences, we have become a pathetic and toothless version of America which deserves whatever dark fate accrues to us.


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