Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Dear Qpublicans,
I know you all have been a tad ‘foggy’ about things after losing the House, Senate and the White House, perhaps justly so. I’d like for you to come out of your general malaise and help sober you all up to what the rest of the world calls ‘reality’.

I’ve been reading a bunch of you on my local news station saying that the election was ‘stolen.’ When I asked by whom? I am told, ‘well if you don’t know then there’s no point.’ Is it too much to ask you all to cite any legitimate media news source in support of that claim?
I’m not really talking to those *morons*. I am talking to any sane person who dabbles in politics and might vote Republican for any reason. I’d like to illuminate a few things for you that the rest of us are a bit more than perturbed about.
I know you don’t like talking about the insurrectionists but I’d like for you all to think about what led up to it. Did you notice that each and every single place Rudy Giuliani asked courts to throw out the votes or wanted a recount had a particular ethnic makeup?
Why do you think Lindsey Graham called up the Georgia Secretary of State and told him he could throw out votes? Do you remember exactly which counties he wanted the votes thrown out?
Why do you think it was that Rudy Giuliani wanted the recount of votes in Detroit hmm?
How about why he wanted to throw out the votes in Milwaukee?
Any idea why just those places was where your elected representatives wanted those specific areas recounted and checked for signature verification?
Still having trouble figuring that out? Okay, let me ask you another question then and maybe you can see what everyone else sees.
Why do you reckon that the people who stormed the capitol were carrying the confederate flag? Any idea?
Why do you think Trump said there were ‘fine people on both sides’ at Charlottesville? Do ‘very fine people’ chant, ‘blood and soil’ and ‘Jews will not replace us’?
Why do you think there were so many proud boys who stormed the capitol?
Ever wonder why Republicans all across the south think up new and exciting ways to keep black people from voting? And why do you think that is?
Of course you know the answer to these questions down in your bones, you know. I know the answers too.
The real question I have is, why do you tolerate it?
Why is it so hard for you to witness the abominable racism that your representatives display for everyone to see and not feel some sense of shame?
I saw some lady on the Tiktok asking Biden voters, ‘what do you think about the 11 million illegals coming into our country?’
I’d say it’s a good start.
Why do you all think any immigrant gets into our country and gets benefits of any kind? Do you not understand that immigrants put far more into our economy than they ever get to take out?
Why is it so hard for you all to comprehend that the reason why we have Narco-Trafficking states in South America that makes people want to flee their country is not because of Hugo Chavez who has been dead for years but the drug war that the people you continue to elect also continue to prosecute?
Why must you all always come up with simplistic answers to very complex problems? Hell I can’t even explain to you all that all of those tariffs Trump imposed on China were paid by all of us. Not a nickel was paid by China but you all would clap like barking seals every single time Trump said we were collecting billions from China! Hell we were LOSING billions upon billions in agricultural trade because of that idiotic trade war. Why don’t you understand that?
It’s because you all have a supernatural hunger for being lied to. I have challenged many of you to cite one lie told by the New York Times or the Washington Post that was not corrected and not one of you will take up the challenge.
I can name lie after lie told on Fox that is never corrected but the biggest lie of all that got Americans killed was ‘it’s a fraudulent election.’
Why did that stir the madness in you all to think what happened on January the 6th was an acceptable means to your ends?
Why are you all so tolerant of nazis and white supremacists in your party?
Why do you consume a steady stream of lies like the ones Hannity, Tucker and Laura tell you but you never call them out for lying to you? Over here on our side of the aisle, when the New York Times or MSNBC gets something wrong, we demand accountability and corrections. You guys just don’t care if you’re lied to because Fox does it to you every single time you turn it on.
Why is it so hard for you all to understand that racism and white supremacy like the kind that Tucker and Hannity exalt weakens our nation and drags us all down?
Why are you all trying to claim that it wasn’t Trump supporters at the Capitol on the 6th? Do you think we are as dumb as Marjorie Taylor Green or Lauren Boebert?
Are you proud to be in a party that is full of lunatics and morons who take their orders from an anonymous man named Q?
In a few short years, you all went from hating Russia and loving the FBI to loving Russia and hating the FBI because of Trump alone.
You all called Colin Kaepernick a SOB for saying ‘black lives matter’ and telling anyone who would listen that ‘blue lives matter’. THEN you are all quiet when a bunch of you came and murdered a police officer at the capitol.
You all elected these bastards who are going to acquit Trump who repeated Trump’s big lie.
Let’s get something perfectly clear for you all. If you use the term ‘antifa’ as something that is in any way bad, you are a fascist.
There is no in-between on this matter. You’re also more than likely a moron. We had a world war about this fascism thing. We won it too because there wasn’t any confusion about fascism being evil but these days you guys are confused.
There have been over 60,000 people who have changed their voter registration from Republican to something else since January the 6th. Right now Republicans are scheming up new ways to keep black people from voting.
I want to remind you all of something, conservatives are *always* on the wrong side of history. Conservatives fought for England against the patriots who founded this country. It was conservatives who seceded from the Union and started the civil war.
It was conservatives who tried that Plessey v. Ferguson ‘separate but equal’ bullshit. It was conservatives who implemented all the Jim Crow laws and it was the descendants of those traitors toting their treasonous flag through the capitol as they went hunting for our elected representatives. They were a Lynch mob looking to murder at the behest of Trump.
That is something that will be true a thousand years from now and you’re the ones who made that happen by voting for people who know they can lie to you about anything without any consequence at all.
I speak for a lot of others in saying that we love having Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson on our side of the aisle because their honor meant more to them than being part of a collective full of morally bankrupt white supremacists in a death cult.
If there is any neuroplasticity left in your brain, we’d be glad to have you rejoin the realm of reality and reason in our party because history says that where the Qpublican party is going is towards its extinction from the body politic.
We are never going back to the days of Trump. He will never run for any office ever again and neither will any of his stupid kids.
Don’t act all outraged when prosecutors start handing down felony indictments for them either. That’s what’s coming after the Seditious Senators acquit him of his crimes against our Republic.
The demographics that flipped Georgia to a blue state are only going to get worse in 2022. In your present form, you will never be a majority party again until you start embracing truth and abandon the racism that your party is riddled with.
We all see it, even if you don’t.
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