Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Written by Millie Jenny C.

(Revised 9/27/04. For Ryan.)

You stand alone
In your own cocooned world
Flashes of lightening skirting the edges
Of your vision
Sounds of the crowd jabbing out at you
Senses at a hyper sensitive level
Nerves pulsing just beneath your fingertips
Exposing the highest level of your epidermis
Extremely exposed…

Bright lights appear to burn you…
Spontaneous combustion…
A distinct possibility
In your own way you are colorful
But you try to camouflage yourself
Calm down the internal fright

Loud sounds multiply and intensify
The wild carnival adventure
You’re constantly riding
You circle ’round and ’round
Constant repetitions
Curving tipsy-turvey on the pathways

You line all the pictures neatly in a row
You march back and forth…
Back and forth,
In a static pattern… Robot-like
With a smirk upon your face

Some joke that we failed to catch, I suppose
Because you are locked in your own bubble
The surface of the shell though transparent
Appears to you more like a mirror
It is a one-way mirror…
We can see you…
But you cannot see us
Or you choose to set us aside…
Ignore us
As we observe you…
As time careens on
Copyright 2009
Millie Jenny C.
all rights reserved

"As we observe you..."


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