Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

State Sen. Heidi Campbell is urging state auditors to complete an investigation into no-bid contracts awarded by Gov. Bill Lee’s administration since the COVID-19 pandemic started, pinpointing a botched contract with Nomi Health last year that cost the state nearly $6 million.

A member of the Legislature’s Fiscal Review Committee, Campbell raised questions Wednesday about a no-bid contract the governor’s Unified Command signed last year with the Utah-based company to provide COVID-19 tests, even though the company had no experience with running tests.

“It’s time for the Fiscal Review Committee and the public to have full transparency into that failed contract and the performance of every other business deal the Lee Administration made without oversight,” Campbell, a Nashville Democrat, said in a Wednesday statement.

Campbell pointed out Gov. Bill Lee’s Unified Command signed the contract through the Department of Health “against the better judgment of career professionals.” She wants auditors in the Comptroller’s Office, which reviews state contracts, to present findings or give updates at upcoming meetings in August and September.

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