Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Huge hack reveals embarrassing details of who's behind Proud Boys and other far-right websites
Written by Robert Warden
Newsflash: I just saw an article about a huge hack by Anonymous (kudos to them) of a company called Epik, a company which has been hosting right wing extremists on the internet, allowing them to air their views and organize. This hack will allow people who do research into right wing extremism, to identify the people funding these sites and groups, as well as the people who are administering and leading them from behind the scenes.
Since this hack has just occurred, it will be a while before this treasure trove of information has been thoroughly sifted through. However, the article does mention a couple of the culprits near the end.

Interestingly, I listened to Thom Hartmann for a bit this morning, and he just happened to be talking about something that documentarian Ken Burns has been working on, regarding the underpinnings of the Civil War. It seems that the invention of the cotton gin allowed for massive consolidation of wealth and power in the “slave states,” leading to a situation where about 1,000 ultra-wealthy slave owning families basically ran those states collectively, and democracy in that part of the nation was badly compromised. Currently, we are facing an attempt, largely led by the mental (I would not call them intellectual), if not physical heirs of these same people, to subvert democracy using whatever means are available to them through the collusion of the Republican Party, which desperately seeks long-term political dominance in the face of conditions that are increasingly unconducive to them winning elections by popular vote.
As a result, Republicans have tolerated, if not encouraged, increasingly unhinged elements in their midst, who serve not only to rally their base (at least the nuttier and angrier among them), but also to provide support for their attempts to nullify election wins by Democrats, using a completely spurious rationale of election fraud.
The good news is that, much as when the details of Republican gerrymandering techniques were revealed by the daughter of master gerrymanderer Thomas Hofeller after he died – she found his techniques and agenda on his computer – the “brains and money” behind much of the right-wing conspiratorial craziness should soon be revealed. Once that genie is out of the bottle, it can never go back. Names will be named, and there will be opportunities to hold them accountable – either legally or in the court of public opinion.
Their “cover” has been removed.
It will be interesting to discover what the true beliefs, motivations and ultimate agenda of these people are. Furthermore, these revelations will hopefully be very damaging to their movement, which relies heavily on believers in their bizarre conspiracy theories, but whose funders likely do not believe the very narratives that they are spreading.
Please stay tuned for further developments.
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