Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

“Limbaugh hasn’t had a natural erection since the Nixon Administration; think he’s compensating for something? Now, I wouldn’t pick on him for any of this stuff, not his blubbiness, not his man-boobs, not his inability to have a natural erection — none of that stuff — to me, off limits until! until! — Mr. Limbaugh, you turn that sort of gun on somebody else — once you start doing that, you’re fair game, fat boy. Absolutely, you jiggly pile of mess. You’re just fair game, and you’re going to get it, too. [Laughs] You’d better watch what you say, Limbaugh, because it can come back the other way.” []
“[Limbaugh looks like] the unholy spawn of Tony Soprano and the Michelin Man.”
— Ron Reagan, Jr., reacting to Limbaugh’s personal attacks on Nancy Pelosi’s looks, as quoted at Newsbusters.

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